Treating the Root Cause of Conditions: Arthritis, Pain, and Inflammation

Once the mind-body complex goes into a Fight/Flight/Freeze mode of operating, you are no longer in a healthy state!

A constant state of stress, whether physical, mechanical, or chemical, amplified by one’s thoughts and emotions, creates a Fight/Flight/Freeze mode of operating. In this state, the nervous system adapts down to the dysfunction, and the whole “mind-body complex” needs to be treated.

Two lifestyle factors that trigger a Fight/Flight/Freeze mode are what you eat and how you move and hold yourself. What you eat determines what gives your body the energy to move. What you eat also influences how much inflammation occurs in your body.

Increased ‘tone’ or “resistance” in the soft tissues surrounding your joints is a major factor in the cause of arthritis and pain. Contraction of the fascia and muscles compresses the joints creating friction, inflammation, abnormal stress, and over time, deterioration of cartilage. This scenario can lead to a “bone on bone” appearance in the joints and contribute to a myriad of other conditions, including a dominant memory of pain in those tissues.


Amazingly, you can begin the process of restoring health by simply becoming aware of your particular incorrect/stressful patterns, thus changing how you move and hold yourself. The exercises I teach you will help you unlearn old, inefficient patterns of movement, replacing them with new healthy patterns that can reverse the process of degeneration. These therapeutic exercises will be your best friends for the rest of your life.


Many clients who were not used to exercising have reversed their direction of degeneration to one of health and well-being. Many who loved recreation and struggled to stay active because of pain are now active and pain-free. Experience The Hart Technique® to recover your health and well-being, one moment at a time, the least invasive way.