The Hart Technique® - Holistic Physical Therapy

The Hart Technique® is a treatment method that I have developed to relieve body pain through specific physical therapy exercises that seek to improve health in the entire body. In addition, and where appropriate, I incorporate individualized strength training work as well as myofascial release to alleviate muscle tightness. Above all, I treat the root causes of pain rather than the symptoms. A poor back alignment, for example, may be felt as pain in the hip, and shoulder pain may be caused by poor neck alignment.

My instruction method and exercises teach you how to improve your body alignment, lessen pressure on the nervous system, and diminish body pain. This exercise program will teach you how to stand, sit, and move pain-free with increased confidence. Just as importantly, you will learn how to self‐correct your posture and movement patterns as you navigate your everyday life.

Hart Physical Therapy offers personalized care utilizing a holistic physical therapy approach specifically targeting the causes of your inflammation. Conditions like arthritis, back and neck pain, pelvic floor health, cancer, osteoporosis, and neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and stroke are treated more successfully than ever before in your personal experience. In addition, classes and individualized strength training and conditioning are available along with bodywork and manual therapy sessions. Through its focus on increasing mind / body awareness, The Hart Technique® will show you how to relieve pain and improve movement, balance, and posture. Empower yourself today with The Hart Technique® for better health and quality of life.

Myofascial Release
Whole Mind-Body Physical Therapy

Whether pain is sudden or persistent in nature, it is a symptom brought on by inflammation. With our integrative approach we seek out the root causes of inflammation which in turn will permanently decrease and eliminate pain. What we strongly know is that pain is neurological in nature, and how we move has as an enormous impact on how we perceive what we feel in our bodies. The Hart Technique® teaches you how to correct your patterns of movement and posture to eliminate pain.

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Overcome Neurological Challenges with
Good Postural Alignment

How you move and hold yourself is a habitual neurological pattern expressed both outwardly through posture and inwardly in the memory of cells and tissues that make up the organs. Without even being aware of it, your posture deeply affects the health and well-being of your “mind-body complex.”

It is TOTALLY WITHIN YOUR POWER to change the resting tone in the soft tissue but here is the catch. You must become MINDFUL of your movements because how you move and hold yourself is automatic, and dominant memory patterns are easier to do than new movement patterns.

Our work together will enable you to leave a constant state of stress behind and pop out of a Fight/Flight/Freeze mode of operating as you empower yourself to be in the direction of health and well-being. It’s truly ONE MINDFUL STEP AT A TIME.

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