Hart Physical Therapy Treats the Root Cause of Pain and Dysfunction

Your life and how you move and hold yourself are unique to you. However, what’s familiar is not necessarily what’s ideal or healthy. At Hart Physical Therapy I view you as you move through space and treat you in the context of the central nervous system as a whole person. Your symptoms may be experienced in the knee, back, or neck. However, The Hart Technique®, a whole mind-body approach in the context of the central nervous system, embraces the design of the body with its multiple systems functioning simultaneously. This is the ideal approach for optimal recovery, health, and well-being.

Being in the direction of degeneration is what causes pathology which begins with dis-ease and ends with degenerative changes in the soft tissue and joints over time. No matter how little or overwhelming your problem may seem to you, have the courage to call now and try something new, something different.