The Hart Technique® | Integrative Physical Therapy

The Hart Technique® is a treatment method that I have developed to relieve body pain through specific physical therapy exercises that seek to improve health in the entire body. In addition, and where appropriate, my team and I incorporate individualized strength training work as well as massage therapy sessions to alleviate muscle tightness. Above all, we treat the root causes of pain rather than their symptoms. A poor back alignment, for example, may be felt as pain in the hip and shoulder pain may be caused by poor neck alignment.

Our instruction methods and exercises will help you improve your body alignment, lessening pressure on the nervous system and diminishing body pain. Our exercise program will teach you how to stand, sit and move pain-free and with increased confidence and, just as importantly, you will learn how to self‐correct your posture and movement patterns as you navigate your everyday life.

Hart Physical Therapy offers a range of programs specifically targeting inflammatory conditions that cause pain such as arthritis, back and neck pain, pelvic floor health, cancer and osteoporosis and neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and stroke. In addition, classes and individualized strength training and conditioning are available along with massage therapy sessions. Through its focus on increasing body awareness, The Hart Technique® will help you to relieve pain and improve movement, balance and posture. Empower yourself today with The Hart Technique® for better health and quality of life.

Mary Hart Physical Therapist