What Does Osteoarthritis of the Hands Have to Do with Posture?

Womans Hand With Osteoarthritis Closing Hand
Look at the degree to which this patient can close her hand. She has difficulty holding objects due to osteoarthritis of the hands. Do you have nodules on your fingers? The Hart Integrative Physical Therapy program will help you improve the use your hands.

Postural control is the most important movement behavior that a person can change to reverse the tendency towards osteoarthritis and other chronic conditions. Humans are unique in that they can override the postural reflexes. Conditioning from life-long habits make poor posture feel natural, causing one to hang on the ligaments instead of using the muscles to hold a healthy skeletal alignment. The neuromuscular systems become conditioned to accept a repetitive and prolonged faulty posture, with slumped sitting and less erect standing and walking as the default. Healthy postural habits can help you permanently end pain. At Hart Physical Therapy, you will recover skeletal alignment, increase muscular strength, and improve postural control. Our team will help you build habits that keep you looking and feeling younger in addition to receiving expert hands-on traditional physical therapy.