The Hart Pain Management Program

The Hart Pain Management ProgramBenefit From a Team Approach to Pain Management

The Hart Pain Management Program employs a team of specialists, each with a distinct perspective, to better understand and treat the complexities of your condition. Our movement specialists, for example, analyze movement patterns that can trigger persistent pain, and, where indicated, a neurologist is consulted to examine the possibility of neurological involvement such as nerve and/or spinal cord impingement.

In the meantime, our mental health professionals focus on identifying and improving the mental/emotional components that are involved in most cases. Through this multidisciplinary approach, team members profit from one another’s input and insights to achieve long lasting recovery.

This type of targeted support strategy is essential to reversing lifelong pain patterns, simply because most of us are unaware of the strong physical, mental and emotional attachment we feel towards pain. Treatment, then, must focus not only on improving movement patterns, but also on providing insights into our thinking patterns and the role negative emotions play in reinforcing pain. At Hart Physical Therapy, our goal is to assist and empower you in your quest for greater physical, mental and emotional health with the least possible reliance on medications and invasive procedures.

Let’s Get Started! Let’s Get Started!

Benefits of The Hart Pain Management Program

  • Improved joint alignment for health and well-being
  • Increased well-being throughout the entire body, including the connective tissue system and the nervous system, the most predominant of all the body’s systems
  • Improved movement, posture, breathing, walking, digestion, elimination and sex
  • Improved mental and emotional health and well-being