The Hart Stroke Recovery Program

Stroke RecoveryThe Hart Stroke Recovery Program is based on one of the nation’s longest running post-graduate specialty training programs at Kaiser Permanente Hospital. Mary Hart, PT, DPT, is a certified graduate of their Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Program which includes specific one-on-one training for stroke patients. The Hart Stroke Recovery Program combines physical therapy, strength training and conditioning to improve strength, balance and coordination.

This one of a kind program retrains the movement patterns of stroke patients to achieve greater tissue health while improving movement and function, essentially eliminating spasticity. With my 30-plus years of experience in this field I have developed a deep understanding of neurological conditions. Together, my team of therapists and I will provide you with the best stroke recovery program. We use hands on techniques to facilitate correct movement patterns in addition to using state of the art technology like the walk aid to correct foot drop.
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While most recovery is known to occur within the first 3 months, our experience has revealed that improvement knows no time limitations. Our success stories are a true testament that walking and functional mobility do improve even 12 years post stroke given the correct technique and program.

Benefits of The Hart Stroke Recovery Program

  • Increased function and mobility
  • Increased balance
  • Increased muscle strength and coordination
  • Decreased muscle spasticity
  • Increased ability to walk safely and independently
  • Increased desire to thrive in the wake of a traumatic event