So You Think You Need a Joint Replacement

Surgery Vs Hart Physical Therapy


Have you been told that your hip, knee, or shoulder is “bone on bone” and you need joint replacement surgery? If you think that surgery is the only way to alleviate the pain of a degenerative joint, think again!

It may be that your pain is being caused by an impingement to a nerve or to your spinal cord. In our practice, we have found that chronic muscle spasm, stiffness, and pain can be lessened and even eliminated and normal movement restored without the use of invasive measures. In many cases, once the degenerative process is stabilized, we can provide patients with some “breathing room” to make better decisions about surgical options, even when joint damage and deformity are present.

Our 30 plus years of experience have given us important insights into the complex interaction between your movement patterns, postural habits, and structural health. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your symptoms beginning with an examination of how you uniquely sit, stand, and move through the world. Then we review your medical history and conduct patient and/or family interviews to determine the best treatment plan for each patient.

Your physical rehabilitation program will be designed to address your specific conditions and needs, and will include exercises for:

  • Posture and balance improvement
  • Strength training and conditioning
  • Functional mobility

Come see us at Hart Physical Therapy. We will show you how to incorporate the therapeutic methods that can stabilize or reverse your condition and return you to a pain-free life.