Pain Relief and Prevention

Pain Relief and Prevention ClassChronic pain is not so much a part of the aging process, as a reflection of declining health due to the loss of the mind-body connection. Thus, it can show up at any age and affect all parts of your body: back, neck, shoulders, hips and knees. It is essential for mental, emotional and physical health to learn effective, nonsurgical, noninvasive ways to relieve and even eliminate pain.

Many of our patients have tremendous quality of life changes due to our holistic, evidence-based, mind-body approach. The Hart Technique® meets you at your level of function and promotes your optimal quality of life with the least amount of stress to your body in the process of bringing about normal, healthy movement.

Can We Solve Your Pain Problem or Physical Limitation?

We have helped many patients bypass more invasive options by helping them recover their normal, pain-free functional mobility.

Learn how to be your own best healer. Learn the simple tools that can empower you to permanently regain and maintain good health by treating the root causes of pain rather than their symptoms.

Improve the Quality of Your Life