Your Mother Was Right: Good Posture is Key to Good Health

Screenshot From Youtube Video About Baby Development
Typical / Atypical Posture

Have you ever wondered why you have tightness and stiffness that comes and goes but never completely goes away? What makes the process of eliminating pain so difficult? Why are we annoyed by pain and stiffness as we get older? Is it part of the aging process or a consequence of poor neuro, muscular, skeletal, and connective tissue health?

Humans have multiple systems that work together for smooth, coordinated movement and function. However, when the nervous system is impinged from bulging and herniated discs, a primitive withdrawal reflex is triggered. This reaction causes a contraction of the connective tissue and muscles, creating a resistance in the soft tissue which stresses all the joints. A quick fix would be to treat the painful, symptomatic joints and muscles. However, a permanent solution would be to get the pressure off the central nervous system – the spinal cord and spinal nerves – and restore a healthy mind/body connection.

Unfortunately, this primitive, withdrawal reflex drives movement in the direction of increasingly poor posture, bending of the spine, and resultant disc and joint degeneration. The disruption of the mind/body connection further reinforces the maladaptive behavior and inability to regain the proper posture for healthy movement and function.

Video Testimonial from Suzannne about Hart Physical Therapy

Over the years, the loss of postural awareness and control interferes with a healthy, functioning nervous system. As a result, a slumped posture and flexion patterns of movement become habitual and bending at the spine rather than the hips becomes the norm. This type of movement goes against the stability of the spine and has the potential to chronically compress the central nervous system, creating a dominant memory for resistance in the soft tissues and a maladaptation in the nervous system’s role to protect from harm. This maladaptation of the nervous system creates a decline in the health and well-being of the whole person, leading to a myriad of problems, including degenerative discs and joints.

Treating the whole person is necessary to regain postural control. This process needs to occur in an environment that feels safe, without the perception of increased pain.

Here is one person’s experience with The Hart Technique®

“I have had experiences with well-qualified Physical Therapists for a variety of issues. The exception is Mary Hart. She will not only resolve local body issues, but she investigates and works on you holistically to put your entire body in balance. My sessions with Ms. Hart have been a “game-changer”… not only has she helped me mitigate pain, but she has taught me how to carry myself while walking, standing, sitting and sleeping to keep my body aligned to prevent future issues. Again, these sessions have been enlightening and a game-changer. Highly recommended.”— Alan Levine

These primitive reflexes, which are being triggered by poor posture, in our adult population are even considered abnormal for a baby.