Parkinson’s Disease Intervention

Parkinson’s disease is a movement disorder affecting the central nervous system. Some of its symptoms may include rigidity of movement, decreased balance, tremors and decreased functional mobility. The root of this disorder can be traced to problems in initiating, planning and sequencing movement, resulting in slow, labored and unsafe movement patterns. The Hart Parkinson’s Program treats the causes of these symptoms and provides the necessary lifestyle support that is a key component of successful Parkinson’s disease intervention. Our specially designed program is a combination of physical therapy, strength training and conditioning. Our goal is to relieve the stress inherent in this disorder and to improve control over movement and function. We also provide support and training for family members and caregivers to create an optimal lifestyle for the person experiencing Parkinson’s symptoms.

Benefits of The Hart Technique® for Parkinson’s

  • Appropriately paced mobility exercises targeting the nervous system
  • Individualized strengthening exercises
  • Alignment training for postural control and total system health and well-being
  • Decreased stress and pain
  • Decreased stiffness, rigidity and tremors
  • Improved ability to plan and sequence movement
  • Improved initiation and continuation of movement as well as improved coordination
  • Improved mental and emotional health and well-being