How The Hart Technique® Works

The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord and all the nerves of the body. It controls everything you do and everything you feel. You can simply think of the brain as the control center and the spinal cord as the major highway to and from the brain. The nerves carry messages to and from every part of the body, and the brain interprets these messages and takes action.

Some of the functions controlled by the nervous system are breathing, posture, movement including walking and running and thinking. Although, most of the time we are oblivious to its existence the nervous system exerts an all-powerful influence on our everyday health and well-being. It allows us to perceive, understand and react to our surroundings.

However, what happens when the nervous system adapts to a fight, flight, or freeze mode of operating and habitually reacts in a way that manifests stress in the body? How do we get the body to change course and reverse the process that leads to dysfunction and degeneration? Read about that important first step: The Clinical Differential Diagnosis (CDD).

The stress related to unhealthy posture and incorrect body mechanics is a significant factor in movement dysfunction. We manifest excessive tone in our body over our lifetime. The deformation that occurs in the soft tissues and the dysfunction that takes over when the brain has a “mind of its own” is apparent. Our nervous system is designed to help us correct this abnormal tone and dysfunction, but without body awareness and the wisdom to understand the need for change we will continue to function in the same way that is most familiar to us. Thus, we adapt in the direction of more dysfunction, degeneration, and pain.

There are other systems in the body that we have learned how to help. For example we have learned how to reverse the process of sclerosis in the arteries by simply changing the types of foods we eat. We also know the damaging effects of sugar on our metabolism when we are insulin resistant. Therefore, there are going to be physiological changes that occur in our body due to changing our nutrition. The Hart Technique® focuses on raising body awareness and changing how we move. Our mission is simple: change your movement, change your brain!

As we stay stuck in our “old ways” we will go about our daily lives completely unaware of the deformation that is occurring in our nervous system, skeletal structures, connective tissues, and muscles. In addition, these modifications may start very early in life through faulty movement patterns and bad habits that we consciously or unconsciously adopted. Our mission at Hart Physical Therapy is to help you reverse these unhealthy movement patterns and conditions.

The Hart Technique®, first developed 30 years ago, focuses on reversing degenerative processes in our body that occur with time and lead to pain and functional mobility. In collaboration you will learn that dysfunction is not an inevitable consequence of growing older. When you learn how to restore (instead of harness) the power of your nervous system you will banish pain and recover your health and well-being. The Hart Technique® will show you how!