Spinal Alignment: Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain, when they strike suddenly and with intensity, are often acute, but of short duration. Their chronic versions, on the other hand, can last for years in a continuous or intermittent fashion. While pain in the neck area is less prevalent than in the lower back, there are cervical spine conditions that provoke neck pain and arm pain as well as other symptoms. Back and neck pain, however, may have other root causes and may require an in-depth evaluation. Treatment of these conditions may include:

- Posture training for sitting, standing, and sleeping positions
- Practice in correct body mechanics while moving and lifting
- Participation in regular exercise programs for strengthening, balance and pain relief
-Training in ergonomics for home and work environments
- Awareness training on smoking cessation, weight management and stress reduction methods to relieve muscle tension

Benefits of The Hart Technique® for Back and Neck Pain

- Personalized treatment that increases body awareness and health consciousness
- Personalized development of a home exercise program to enhance mobility while promoting spinal stability
- An integrated training approach to increase ability and confidence in everyday activities including walking
- An integrated treatment plan that addresses pain management techniques along with stress reduction methods
- An integrated transition program to guide you through the three rehabilitation steps: the acute phase, the recovery phase and the management phase.